If a qualifying life event has occurred in your life, you may enroll in coverage during this special enrollment period. The cost of your insurance might be greatly reduced with federal financial assistance. You might be able to get a plan for nothing each month.


I want to see if I qualify for financial help.

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I am not interested in financial help.


You may qualify for a Blue Shield of California health plan during Special Enrollment if you have recently experienced one of the following life events:

Loss of coverage

  • Loss of your employer health coverage due to job loss

  • COBRA coverage ended

  • Loss of Medi-Cal or Medicaid

  • Employer coverage changed

Change in residence

  • Moved to California

  • Moved within California with access to new plans

Family and age changes

  • Turning 26 years old and no longer eligible as a dependent on your parent’s health plan

  • Getting married

  • Separation or divorce

  • Birth of a new child or recent adoption

  • Death of the person through whom you receive health coverage as a dependent

  • A state or federal court orders health coverage for a dependent   

Other events

  • Having a household income between 138% and 150% of the Federal Poverty Level (must apply through Covered California)

  • End of military service

  • Other exceptional circumstances (validated by Covered California) 

Is your life event listed above?

Yes, my life event is listed. Now that you have determined you are eligible for coverage, let’s see if you also qualify for government financial assistance to help pay your monthly plan premiums.

No, my life event is not listed. One of our licensed agents can help you determine if you are eligible for coverage. Call us at (925) 956-2351 Monday through Friday from 8am to 5:30pm.

Why Blue Shield for Medicare


Plans designed to fit your budget and your needs

Whether you're considering a flexible Medicare Supplement Plan, prescription drug coverage, or a comprehensive Medicare Advantage Plan, we have the right plan for you.


Round-the-clock access to virtual care

Board-certified physicians can treat non-emergency medical conditions and write prescriptions as needed around-the-clock by phone or video. 


A wide selection of covered prescription drugs

Medicare Parts A and B don't include coverage for prescription drugs. Our Medicare Advantage and Prescription drug plans include several options to cover your prescriptions and even some out of pocket costs.


Benefits under our plan could include eyeglasses frames, contact lenses, or hearing aids.

Take advantage of our features including hearing aids, vision care, and the SilverSneakers® fitness programs.


An extensive network of doctors and specialists

Get access to a wide range of doctors, specialists, and hospitals for your Medicare Advantage Plan wherever you live or work. Our HMO, dental, and vision networks are among the largest in California.


Get a health plan with benefits you can use on and off the road.

Blue Shield and AAA have teamed up to bring you Medicare plans with a benefit designed to help promote continued independence and safe mobility. 

Blue Shield Portfolio


Our portfolio of medical plans includes a variety of coverage options which include our Trio HMO plans and our PPO plans, each with a range of benefit levels and costs.


Show your clients the value of a vision plan for as little as $6.90 per month, with one of the largest vision networks in California


Blue Shield offers affordable and comprehensive dental plans, available to clients with or without a Blue Shield medical plan. We also offer a dental + vision plan package that includes comprehensive dental and vision coverage.


Individual term life insurance from Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company (Blue Shield Life) can help your clients protect their loved ones from the unexpected.

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